8 Features of Amazon webstore for Online Garment Store

8 Features of Amazon webstore for Online Garment Store - GoWebBaby.Com

Amazon webstore for garment store

Amazon Webstore has turn out to be the go-to ecommerce platform for garment stores. Ecommerce websites built on the Amazon Webstore platform brings Amazon's turnkey payment processing technology and powerful cloud infrastructure into play to deliver a secure, scalable shopping experience to customers. You can control your brand image with a high degree of design flexibility, as well as modify your website on your own domain.

To make the most of your efficacy, Amazon Webstore also incorporates flawlessly with Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, & other Amazon Services.

Here are 8 Features of Amazon webstore for Online Garment Store?

1) Add merchandising features in your website

Provide the tools to your customers that make buying and shopping easy and fun. Showcase your artistic by creating groups of related products. Cross-sell accessories with individual page "look books." Offer swatches, multiple views and Quick View.

Merchandising features in your website


2) Use refined browse and search option for great customer experience

A crucial element in brand control is managing how customers navigate your website and come across other products. Amazon Webstore comes intrinsic with options to search on price, color, and other standards. Best of all, it's all inherent.

Search option


3) Encourage referrals with reviews and ratings

Turn it on, and shoppers can connect with one another—just like on Amazon.com. It's a best way to keep them coming back, and it does not include additional cost or efforts.



4) Boost sales using a robust promotions engine

Generate traffic with built-in support for a wide variety of promotions, including free shipping, VIP targeted offers, general or single-use coupon codes, free offers with a purchase, and buy one/get one free.

Boost sales with powerful promotions engine


5) Go further with order item extensibility

Tap into the tractability of Amazon's trusted ecommerce platform to meet the requirements of your exceptional product catalog. Use customization to collect customer metadata, facilitate monogramming, align sales with representatives, and so on.

Order item extensibility


6) Use website customization for fully-branded store

Simply build your brand with customizable templates and drag-and-drop widgets—or start with a blank tab. Adapt automatically-created shopper communications to refine your message.

Website customization


7) Base your references on buyer behavior

Widgets for recommendations and upselling are in-built and simple to use, with Amazon algorithms to deliver significant references. Upsurge cart size as you target buyers based on their own shopping activities.

Widgets for recommendations and upselling


8) Get what you need in one turnkey solution

In-built cart, merchandising and payment processing features mean your website can be set up cost-effectively and quickly.

Built-in payment processing, cart, and merchandising features

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