How to Choose between Magento & Amazon Webstore?

How to Choose between Magento & Amazon Webstore?

How Magento Works?

In the world of web technology Magento is considered as a milestone with ample of custom tailored features. Gradually, with increasing e-mart access Magento has turned into a preferred platform to sell products in more responsive manner. As it is a known fact that, Magento is an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) framework, written in PHP. It allows the user to relish striking features and interactive layouts.

Magento Development Magento e commerce development

Some key factors of Magento e-commerce system is:

  • The key attribute that turns Magento into a leading e-commerce platform is it's secured access.
  • Most important factor behind Magento considered as a productive platform is its scope for development.
  • When this e-commerce system comes in practice with a business it enables ample of opportunity to grow and develop company by means of products as well as revenues.

Amazon Webstore Functionality

Amazon Webstore is a global platform that talks more about target market and product sales. Amazon Webstore is an extensive platform for online sellers. Either start from selling products on Amazon website through various channels or enable cloud hosting for enhanced user experience. When a user access Amazon website for selling product the complete stress is delivered to Amazon as they pack, shop and sell the products.
  • Such flexible access leave user with ample of time for other productive task or focus on existing business development.
  • Professional service providers enables custom Amazon Webstore sites for cloud hosting. These sites are developed on Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • This platform is known for being a responsive system and manage high traffic or clicks and improve performance and online presence.

How to Choose?

First lets take a glance towards the profusion of both the platforms:



1 Allows jump start access with array of dynamic templates. Allows design and merchandising both at one single platform.
2 Saturates search results through comparison and wish list. Complete management of catalog and inventory through Amazon website,
3 Ability of multi-store handling on one single platform. Allows web hosting services.
4 Easy Customization and allows third party apps and extensions. Easy network integration with top affiliates.
5 Highly organised SEO friendly features. Easy to access order management and customer services.
6 Multiple channels for shipping and payment. In built payment procedures.
These are key benefits that comes with each platform and avail the user high end flexibility and compatible access. Depending upon need selection can be made.

Amazon Webstore

Seamless e commerce platform But before choosing any of the above, lets also checkout some factors that make these two platforms different from another:




Access Flexibility

Demo before set up

One month free access

SEO Optimization

Completely SEO Optimized features

Comparatively less SEO supportive


Required to acquire professionals with one time set up fee

Registration allows installation but for custom features have to hire Amazon Webstore professionals


Available Magento CE free community

This demands monthly charges of $30.00+

Both the e-commerce systems are highly potential and have striking user defined features. The selection depends upon the business type and size. As if the business have more than 40 products then only you can apply for one month free Amazon Webstore. Flexibility and Compatibility increases depending upon businesses.

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