Magento VS OpenCart

Magento VS OpenCart

Magento V/S OpenCart

This is one of the question comes into the mind of the person looking to build an eCommerce website these days. As we know that there are 37 different platform available to build an eCommerce website. Which one is good for your business? Which one will offer flexibility?

Which one of them is more durable? What are the basic benefit of one over another?

Before deciding to build an eCommerce website you need to know the basic difference between them.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce web application which is launched in March, 2008. It is built by using an open source object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 called Zend framework. It is solely owned by Magento Inc.

Usage of Magento varies from small eCommerce websites to big multinational businesses. Till now more than 185000 websites are using it.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free open source eCommerce shopping cart solution. It is developed by keeping in mind that the end user(entrepreneurs) are having limited knowledge of internet and are just looking to start. This is built on PHP and helps user to actively participate in fast moving eCommerce world by developing a promising online business.

Opencart VS Magento?

  • Template options in Magento is very extensive than in OpenCart.
  • Magento supports multi store handling but OpenCard does not.
  • OpenCart is less SEO friendly than Magento.
  • Magento has ability to show product comparison and wish list, Which is missing in OpenCart.
  • Magento offers wide range of reports for every action but OpenCart offers only sales report.
  • OpenCart is more cost effective platform than Magento.

What are the similarities between Magento and OpenCard?

  • Both are open source ecommerce platform.
  • Both of them have multilingual support.
  • Both of them are PHP based.

For a comprehensive e-commerce store we can conclude that Magento is stronger than OpenCart, but in life there are horses for courses. OpenCart is powerful and would provide most internet ecommere entrepreneurs an excellent, cost effective platform for their startup online store. If you are more experienced and are finding your existing ecommerce platform limiting, then it would be wise to consider the more extensive features of Magento as a one stop solution for selling your wares online. However, custom functionality addition in Magento demands strong technical knowledge, So Gowebbaby is a best web agency to consider for Magento integration.

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