How to Create a Free Shipping or Money Off Amazon Webstore Promotion?

How to Create a Free Shipping or Money Off Amazon Webstore Promotion? - GoWebBaby.Com

A promotion is an incentive to customers to make buying decisions sooner rather than later. For promotion to be effective, customers must be aware of the promotion and the promotion must provide some sufficient incentives to the customers. For example, your customers might more likely to make the purchase if the promotion offers free shipping but only for limited time. To create Amazon webstore promotion, you can use the tools available on the Manage Promotions page.

There are 4 different types of promotions you can use. In this article, we cover 2 promotion types:

1) Free Shipping: Free shipping when you spent $50 or more.

2)  Money off: 20% off any order placed before 10pmon August 18th

To create a free shipping or money off, go to your seller central and click on --> Advertising --> Manage Promotions.



The Manage Promotions page appears. In this page, click on “Create a promotion” button.



After this, click on “Create” button for free shipping or money-off.



A page appears that facilitate you to create a promotion. Fill the details of your items, scheduling time of the promotion and some additional options.




When you added all the information needed for a promotion, click on “Review” button. The Review promotion page appears in which you check the details again. If all details entered are right, then click “Submit” button.



After the promotion is created, you can review it any time by returning on the Manage Promotions page. Certain attributes of the promotion cannot be change after a promotion is set. For this, we recommend to delete the promotion and create a new one, rather than to attempt to edit the existing one. In addition to set terms and conditions to the promotion, you can also highlight the promotion on your webstore, so that customers can easily see your promotions.

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