Magento AutoShip To Complete Orders Automatically

Magento is one of the best open source ecommerce web application, this platform can carry out possibly every function that is required for a quality ecommerce website. For your own online store running well with full check-out essentials i.e shipping and completing all order at once then in that case with large number of orders it is very hectic to manually draft invoices for shipment. Keeping these critical points in mind Magento team created an Auto Ship Track feature that is an automatic shipping module for Magento. The goal for creating such an feature i.e. auto ship track is to smoothen the work flow of shipment process. To understand this feature, it is necessary to understand about the existing shipping methods that are used in Magento. There are many shipping ways in Magento like FedEx, DHL and USPS and a few more. Magento offers flat shipping rates i.e. it collecting the money from a customer and shipping is done manually.


How Magento Shipping feature Works?

Auto ship track lets the merchants to create the shipment process fully automated. The shipment process includes creating a package, a shipping label and to generate a tracking number from the selected shipping method. This not only automates the shipping process however this Magento feature makes shipping process simplified.


The Work Flow

When a customer places an order after selecting the products, he/she is required to select some shipping methods. After shipping method selection at front-end and checkout the order gets placed. After order placing it is visible in the admin section where the admin is required to manually create the shipment and a invoice along with tracking number to executive the process further.


Market Research

Nowadays there are many web stores for anything and everything. Many sites have large number of products being sold online and there are millions of people buying from such web store. This feature is helpful for web stores with large number of products ordered at regular basis. The burden of the employees to manually ship the orders is removed with auto ship. There are not many extensions available in Magento which are focused on tracking the shipments, however this auto ship track feature carries out tracking as well as shipment automation.

Future Scope

This feature has a firm future as shoppers are buying regularly form online web stores. With increase in number of online customers the work of the admin would definitely increase. In order to reduce the work of the admin of just shipping the products this feature is simply great.
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